About the company

Get to know the team behind our industry-first solution for monitoring pentest projects
Our story

Making security testing more transparent

HackGATE™ was created by the Hackrate team’s founders, security engineers Balazs Pozner and Levente Molnar.
Having dedicated years to improving the security posture of a wide range of companies, Balázs and Levente identified a prevalent issue: ensuring the accuracy of results and maintaining accountability among pentesters is a challenges:
Ensuring the accuracy of results
Maintaining accountability among pentesters
Due to these challenges encountered by many teams when conducting security tests companies are often exposed to the risk of unreliable pentest providers, leaving them vulnerable to superficial testing that fails to uncover critical vulnerabilities.

We designed HackGATE™ to improve transparency and accountability in security testing and to provide a reliable monitoring solution for the cybersecurity community.

Our team

Meet the founders

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.
Balazs Pozner
Founder & CEO
Before co-founding Hackrate, Balázs spent 10+ years in cybersecurity in various industries, holding roles at Erste Bank Hungary, KPMG, QUADRON, and Deloitte. With a degree in Military and Security Technology Engineering and certifications including CISSP, CRISC, CCSK, ISO 27001 auditor, he brings a wealth of expertise to lead Hackrate.
Levente Molnar
Founder & CTO
Levente’s bug bounty expertise is key for improving our ethical hacking solutions. He brings an impressive background, having collaborated with multinational organizations and enterprises, such as the United States Department of Defense, Ford, General Motors, Logitech, Adobe, Procter & Gamble, BMW, Sony, and Duolingo.
Our mission

Redefining cybersecurity

Say hello to a new way of managing security testing!
Imagine improving visibility in your security testing projects by being able to monitor and share results in real time — HackGATE™ helps you do just that.
We made sure to implement strong security methods before letting ethical hackers into your IT system. Every single action during a project is carefully recorded, so you know exactly who did what.
This way, we can stop unknown intruders and keep ethical hackers safe and accountable.
An important thing we had in mind when creating HackGATE™ was to keep hackers separate from real-life attacks.
HackGATE was specifically created for enterprises with complex security needs, allowing them to keep an eye on several hacking activities running at the same time.
It's not just a security tool; it's about being clear, following rules, and having control over your ethical hacking projects.
Our milestones

The proudest moments...

Our diverse team isn't afraid of tackling challenges. By leveraging our unique skills and empowered by a supportive environment, we've achieved some remarkable milestones. Here are a few:

2022 Q2

We start building HackGATE.

2022 Q3

HackGATE gains its first 10 customers, showing early interest.

2023 Q1

HackGATE is adopted by a leading commercial bank for monitoring the security testing of an internal web application, showcasing its effectiveness and reliability.

2023 Q3

HackGATE becomes available worldwide as standalone software.

2023 Q4

Introduction of a free trial program for HackGATE, allowing potential customers to experience its features and benefits firsthand, leading to increased user engagement and adoption.

What our customers say

Creating HackGATE™ wouldn’t have been possible without listening to our forward-thinking, security-conscious customers.

Our team had the chance to access real-time data on reported vulnerabilities through HackGATE™, a security gateway designed to monitor pentest projects. HackGATE™ not only ensured the precision of our reports but also facilitated a more thorough understanding of our security landscape.

Sebastian Mellen
Co-Founder & CEO, Cerebrum

As a healthcare provider, transparency and security are paramount for us. The insights provided by HackGATE™ have proven invaluable, giving us the confidence that our security tests are comprehensive and reliable. It's a peace of mind that is indispensable in our industry.

Christiane Ruetten
Technical Security Officer, Data4Life