A guide for faster SOC2 compliance with HackGATE

SOC 2 compliance is critical for many organizations: it enhances the company’s reputation and builds customer trust. To achieve SOC 2 compliance, you need to undergo a long and thorough audit process conducted by a third-party CPA firm to assess whether the organization’s systems, processes, and controls meet the criteria.

5 principles for SOC 2 compliance

The first step is to understand the requirements for SOC 2 compliance, structured around five trust service criteria:


The security principle addresses the organization's ability to protect its systems and data against unauthorized access, disclosure, and damage. It includes measures like firewalls, access controls, encryption, and network monitoring.


The availability principle assesses the organization's ability to ensure its services are available for operation and use as agreed upon with customers. This involves redundancy, disaster recovery plans, and minimizing planned and unplanned downtime.

Processing Integrity

The processing integrity principle focuses on ensuring that system processing is complete, accurate, timely, and authorized. It involves data validation, error handling, and system reconciliation.


The confidentiality principle deals with the protection of confidential information from unauthorized access and disclosure. Organizations should have controls in place to safeguard sensitive data.


The privacy principle is concerned with the collection, use, retention, and disposal of personal information in accordance with the organization's privacy policy and relevant privacy regulations.

How can you accelerate the SOC 2 compliance process?

Accelerating the SOC 2 compliance process requires a proactive and strategic approach. Here are three main points that can help a company expedite the compliance journey:
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Prioritize scope and criteria

Define a clear and focused scope for the SOC 2 compliance audit. Identify the most relevant trust service criteria that align with your business objectives and customer requirements. By narrowing down the scope and criteria, you can concentrate efforts on the most critical areas, saving time and resources.

Leverage existing frameworks

If your company has already achieved compliance with other security standards, such as ISO 27001 or NIST Cybersecurity Framework, leverage the work that was already done. Many controls and practices from these frameworks overlap with SOC 2 requirements. By mapping and integrating existing compliance efforts, you can accelerate the implementation and documentation process for SOC 2 compliance.

Engage experienced professionals

Partner with experienced consultants or auditors who have a deep understanding of SOC 2 compliance process. Their expertise can guide your team in implementing the necessary controls efficiently, avoiding common pitfalls, and ensuring that documentation and evidence meet requirements. An experienced auditor can also streamline the audit review process, leading to faster validation and certification.

HackGATE’s role in achieving faster SOC 2 compliance

Using HackGATE — a monitoring solution designed for ethical hacking projects — can be a valuable tool for enterprises for streamlining the process and achieving SOC 2 compliance faster.

Better Control over Security Testing

Penetration testing is a crucial aspect of SOC 2 compliance, especially for the security principle. HackGATE enables organizations to have better control over pentest projects. The increased transparency helps companies improve their overall security posture, which is essential for SOC 2 compliance.

Continuous Monitoring

SOC 2 compliance requires continuous monitoring of security controls and processes. HackGATE provides ongoing monitoring and reporting of penetration testing activities, helping organizations track security improvements and identify any emerging threats or vulnerabilities promptly.

Audit Trail and Documentation

HackGATE maintains an audit trail of penetration testing activities, including test results, remediation efforts, and follow-up actions. This documentation is valuable during the SOC 2 compliance process, as it provides evidence of security measures taken and their effectiveness.

Evidence for Compliance

HackGATE generates detailed reports and documentation related to penetration testing projects. These reports can be used to demonstrate compliance efforts to auditors, providing tangible evidence that the organization is actively testing and securing its systems.

Incident Response

In the event of a security incident or breach, HackGATE can help accelerate incident response efforts by providing valuable information on the origin and nature of the attack. This data can aid in the investigation and timely resolution of security incidents, as well as contribute to the "Availability" and "Processing Integrity" aspects of SOC 2 compliance.

Risk Management

SOC 2 requires organizations to assess and manage risks effectively. HackGATE's insights into vulnerabilities and potential threats can assist in risk management efforts, enabling organizations to prioritize security initiatives based on the level of risk they pose.

Expert's tip

While HackGATE can help accelerate the SOC 2 compliance process, it is just one component of a comprehensive security and compliance program. SOC 2 compliance requires a holistic approach that encompasses people, processes, and technology. Organizations should combine tools like HackGATE with other security practices, policies, and controls to create a robust and compliant security environment.

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