HackGATE data and insights

HackGATE is the industry’s first solution for monitoring ethical hacking projects.
This is a comprehensive overview of the data and insights you can access in your HackGATE dashboard and the reports generated by the platform.

Overflowing with useful features

Secure access & control

HackGATE is a gateway to control and connect ethical hackers with target systems securely by restricting access to authorized ethical hackers and approved methods. HackGATE integrates security features like Web Application Firewall, SSL offloading, and robust authentication/authorization for further protection.

Data management & reporting

HackGATE collects, stores, and analyzes various data, including security testing traffic, identified attack logs, and how thoroughly ethical hackers tested the web application. HackGATE generates reports that offer comprehensive insights for project management, compliance purposes, and improving future security assessments.
Core Capabilities

Core capabilities

Logging traffic

HackGATE saves all relevant data about pentesters who are involved in the pentest. Authorized users can access specific security details about ethical hackers, including credentials and association with Hackrate. HackGATE also separates legitimate pentesting activities from real-world attacks by analyzing specific security data.

Pentester activity

HackGATE offers comprehensive, real-time insights into pentester activity, including the nature of traffic sent to the web server, targeted areas for testing, and the methods employed. It consolidates all pentest-related information and generates a report highlighting key findings, including the effectiveness of implemented security measures.

Quality score

HackGATE generates an estimated ‘overall penetration testing quality score’, by analyzing factors like testing duration, assets tested, the ratio of manual vs. automated testing, and the variety of techniques used, based on OWASP guidelines.

Cutting-edge features for advanced analytics

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Configuration panel

This panel lets you take full control of your HackGATE settings, by easily managing target systems (including IP addresses or hostnames), configuring credentials, and adjusting billing details or plan options.

Pentest project management panel

This panel is for keeping your ethical hacking projects on track. The dashboard offers a clear overview of past, ongoing, and future projects, whether it's a penetration test or a bug bounty program.

Analytics panel

This section provides valuable insights into your ethical hacking activities, presenting collected data through interactive charts and tables. You can filter and drill down to specific details for a comprehensive understanding.

Ethical hacker panel

Ethical hackers working on your projects have their dedicated panel. This space provides them with a clear overview of the projects they're involved in, ensuring clear communication and streamlined workflows.


Customer overview

The platform stores personal and company-specific data, like members, company and web app URLs, current subscription plans, and HackGATE credits. Based on this information, it generates a detailed customer profile for the final report.

Pentest overview

The platform analyzes data related to security testing within a specific timeframe. The report generated provides an overview of the security testing traffic, including the most active ethical hackers and measurements of traffic timeline.

Identified attack types

The platform uitlizes third-party data analytics tool to identify attack types (a web application firewall’s log-only mode). The generated report provides a comprehensive list of identified attack types, such as the OWASP TOP 10.

Project management

The platform collects project-specific data, including the timeline of the project and the list of allowed ethical hackers to provide a complete picture of the website that was tested or is undergoing tests.

Comprehensiveness insights

HackGATE uses Spider to automate crawling and mapping websites. By comparing the analyzed traffic with Spider, it estimates the tested functionalities of the target web app. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of tested and untested functionalities.

Pentest quality score

Using specific parameters, such as project length, security testing traffic, identified attack types, and predefined algorithms to estimate the ratio between manual and automated testing, HackGATE estimates a quality score for the pentest, allowing for benchmarking against similar companies.

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