How Cerebrum secured its systems and eased the burden of complex compliance audits

Staying secure while focusing on client needs at scale
Published on
May 6, 2024

About Cerebrum  

Cerebrum is a modular system software designed to verify and manage various credentials, aiming to foster thriving communities built on mutual trust, confidence, and transparency. Their solution can address diverse scenarios, such as confirming the authenticity of COVID-19 test results or ensuring individuals have the background checks they need to participate in youth sports organizations.

Cerebrum's flagship technology is the vID app, complemented by Cognition, an integrated compliance solution for organizations. The vID app helps users establish a digital legal identity, effortlessly share their compliance status, and benefit from time and cost savings due to the proactive and automatic updating of their compliance credentials.

Staying secure while focusing on client needs at scale

As Cerebrum expanded and started partnering with larger clients, the need to meet the heightened demands of these enterprises took center stage — with flawless security becoming not just a goal but a necessity.

Finding a reliable pentest provider was crucial to ensure the ongoing protection of all of Cerebrum’s internet-facing assets and free up time for their team to focus on serving customers, without the burden of having to constantly worry about security.

Security testing with integrated advanced analytics

Recognizing the need to proactively prevent data breaches and to create a secure and resilient data environment, the Cerebrum team chose Hackrate's Pentest as a Service solution.

The team loved the flexibility the service offered, with a wide range of testing options that are fully customizable to meet their specific needs. Additionally, the ease of onboarding and the Hackrate team’s ongoing support enabled a quick project launch.

As Sebastian Mellen, Cerebrum’s Co-Founder and CEO explains:

“Hackrate is a fantastic service, and the team was incredibly attentive to our needs. Everything we needed for our pentest was taken care of with white-glove service, and we felt truly confident in the results and pentest report.”

During testing, HackGATE, a platform for monitoring pentest projects, provided the team with real-time access to vulnerability data during the project. This transparency not only helped them ensure the accuracy of data in the reports but also empowered the team with a deeper understanding of their security posture.

Improved security posture, time and costs saved, & higher win rate

Besides strengthening Cerebrum's security posture, Hackrate's PTaaS also directly contributed to supporting the company's compliance with industry standards and regulations. The highly secure process involves a hand-selected group of ethical hackers, ensuring complete confidentiality and providing Cerebrum's team with peace of mind and confidence in the effectiveness of this crucial collaboration.

Hackrate’s Pentest as a Service has proven to be a cost-effective solution, resulting in significant savings compared to hiring external security researchers for vulnerability identification.

This comprehensive security strategy has fostered a sense of trust and confidence among both the Cerebrum team and clients, empowering them to secure valuable partnerships, and fully dedicate their efforts to delivering exceptional customer service.

“Hackrate has significantly improved our security posture. Their pentest report is invaluable and it's directly helped us secure key partnerships.”

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